What makes Internet Addiction an Issue? A Complete Guide

Technology, the internet, in particular, can be addictive when you do not exercise discretion on the way you use them. There are plenty of ways in which people use the internet to get information and to get work done. But there is a thin line between relying on the internet and getting addicted to it. Addiction is where you feel crippled without the availability of the internet. About drug addiction and the support available, you can learn more at OntarioDrugRehabs. But when it comes to internet addiction a lot of self-diagnosis is required.

The lack of reliable statistics

Not many open up and acknowledge the fact that they are addicted to technology. There have not been concrete evidence to prove whether this is a real thing. But we all know deep down that there are plenty of occasions where nearly every internet user feels too dependent on the internet. There are even instances where we are able to come up with new ideas or to create something without the assistance of the internet to help spark new ideas.

Signs that you are addicted to the internet

To begin with, there are a few questions to ask yourself to know whether you are simply using the internet for improving your productivity or whether you are addicted to the internet-

  • Do you lose track of the time you spend on the internet very often?
  • Do you feel like you cannot get work done when there is no internet connectivity available?
  • Do you find your phone’s battery drying out too often because your phone is constantly connected to the internet and you are constantly browsing?

These are just a few signs that indicate that you are possibly using the internet too much. There are tools that help monitor your activity on the computer and on your smartphones. These are useful to track internet usage patterns and to exercise control over it.

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