What is the Future of Financial Technology?

Sometimes to have a glimpse of the future of a thing, you just have to look back and see how far it has come. Financial technology is not so much of an old trend – it has only been around for about a decade – but that has not stopped it from greatly influencing the way businesses are done in the financial sector.

The Fintech industry has been particularly heralded by innovations such as – cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. And more remarkable is the way financial technology companies have been able to formulate strategies to bring business models, processes, innovations and products together in order to effectuate better delivery of financial services through the internet. It is in this view that one cannot but hope for a burgeoning future of financial technology

The Future of Financial Technology

The future of financial technology will be majorly defined by two key factors and/or elements:

  • The propensity of Fintech companies to embrace new possibilities and map out blueprint for an infallible system; AND
  • Blockchain

Already a number of financial technology companies like R3 and Novastone are aiming to structure out data-based solutions to aid financial institutions in effectively delivering their services. On the other hand, some others like eToro, Payton and PensionBee are tailoring their                                                                services towards meeting the specific financial needs of the end-users.

Cryptocurrencies keep gaining attention – and virtually every business inclined individual is out to know what it’s about even as some wouldn’t hesitate to follow the trends on ICO discovery platforms such as truly coin, human discovery platform – and the likes. It is however the manner in which the Blockchain technology is gaining traction that would have a more telling impact in the way financial technology would eventually evolve. In times to come; it is expected that further discoveries on how this (Blockchain) technology works would mean more speed and increased productivity level in the world of business as a whole.

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