Five Ways Live Chat Can Increase Online Sales

I was going through this awesome website on digital media agency Glasgow and I could not help admitting that technology has taken leaps and bounds lately. I mean look at how e-commerce has changed our life and our shopping scenario. Today, I shop more from online stores than I ever did in my life. I am all the time trying to figure out which online site will be best to buy myself something rather than which physical store or which mall!

In a way, technology has become so phenomenal that it has totally changed our shopping landscape for us. Online stores are capable of taking over retail stores like overnight.

I remember this friend who was adamant that she never buys anything online and it took me only one hour and a shopping session online to convert her into an online shopper. She does not feel the need of stepping out of her house anymore and guess who she has to thank that for!

How did the miracle happen?

All thanks to living chat!

You see, she always thought that the internet is an unknown entity and she could end up losing her money and that she had no one to turn to in case of doubt. The online chat put all her doubts to rest. She had a doubt on the color and the size of the cardigan she was picking. The person on the live chat was so convincing with his description that she bought it immediately.

Here are other five ways online chats can help swell bottom line:

  1. It makes a lot of sense to consumers when help is available when needed;
  2. Helping as soon as approaching gives the site a brownie point;
  3. Typing prompts can help immensely and set people’s doubts to rest like in a jiffy;
  4. Not being too overbearing on consumers also helps: think of it like how a hovering salesperson can put off the shopper in a physical shop scenario. Ditto with online stores and
  5. Strategically showing up at places where it is known that most consumers stumble and fumble helps garner more sales to the company.
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