Top 5 Useful Voice-activated Commands for Your Car

Voice activation has made life a lot easier today. Be it your phone or your house gadgets, when you can activate things with just a vocal command, it makes life much easier and comfortable as you need not to walk around to get to the controls every time.

Similarly, 247spares have interesting ideas about voice controls that are expected to come in cars, in the near future. Here are the five most useful commands you can get in your car:

  1. Media Control

When you are driving, music is an integral part of it. Rather than moving your hands away from the wheel, voice commands to not only adjust the volume but to search for the station or track of your choice will make media selection a breeze.

  1. Parking Assistant

A voice command that makes your car sensors to search for a free parking spot can save you a lot of time. the car cameras and sensors can be used to identify empty places and navigate you towards it rather than you driving around searching for it.

  1. Lights

Though the lights controls are well within reach, a voice command to control them and adjust them can be a very good addition. When the weather is bad and you are having difficulty with your view of your road, you tend to adjust the angles of your lights. A voice command to do this will keep your focus on the road and your hands on the wheel.

  1. Smart Phone Integration

A voice command to make calls and send messages for you while you are driving. When you have an important call to make or are stuck in traffic and want to notify people at work, you can either ask your car to make the call for you like you ask your phone or dictate a message to be sent to the specific number.

  1. Navigation

A voice command to take your destination. The routes stored into your system can be accessed by these commands, like going to work, home or some regular spot, rather than you manually searching for or selecting the route every time.…

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