Lazing around the cool breeze off the beach, an island that is not crowded, but serene and pristine scenic beauty, in a wooden hammock, is cool, it gives the feel of the primitive means of living life on a coastline. With a lot of humdrum on how the climatic conditions are alarmingly changing because of our very own misuse of the environment, we are consciously trying to revive the ancient habitation. Producing natural materials using the age-old technology has caught the attention of many, as they are less in leaving a carbon footprint that is damaging the natural resources.

  • making a canoe with the primitive way of using stone tools and fire to carve out the best and sturdy canoe that will never have any cracks, but stays adrift
  • using the sharp stones, and making arrowheads, spears, that have been around since mankind evolved are still made, flint knapping is a primitive art, to use the sharp metal objects to hunt still used by a handful of tribes
  • the thatched hut, that is both ancient and still a cool option for the sunny days are still a famous spot to take rest, made using natural hay, straw, both soft and comfortable
  • using the earthen pots dates back to history, we still use it to fool cool refreshing water, with herbs thrown into the pots, made using the earthen wheel, primitive yet classy
  • carpentry tools like the saw that is still used for making fine woodworks can be checked out at for a smooth cut in the wooden pieces for making furniture
  • cooking utensils made of wood, mud was a great way of retaining the rawness in the food and giving it a smoky flavor, rice cooked in the mud pots are retains the flavor and the starch that was essential in the food
  • Using the mature abundant banana leaves in mud stoves to cook fish is very popular and a complete dish intact with all the better if the fish.
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