Top 5 Useful Voice-activated Commands for Your Car

Voice activation has made life a lot easier today. Be it your phone or your house gadgets, when you can activate things with just a vocal command, it makes life much easier and comfortable as you need not to walk around to get to the controls every time.

Similarly, 247spares have interesting ideas about voice controls that are expected to come in cars, in the near future. Here are the five most useful commands you can get in your car:

  1. Media Control

When you are driving, music is an integral part of it. Rather than moving your hands away from the wheel, voice commands to not only adjust the volume but to search for the station or track of your choice will make media selection a breeze.

  1. Parking Assistant

A voice command that makes your car sensors to search for a free parking spot can save you a lot of time. the car cameras and sensors can be used to identify empty places and navigate you towards it rather than you driving around searching for it.

  1. Lights

Though the lights controls are well within reach, a voice command to control them and adjust them can be a very good addition. When the weather is bad and you are having difficulty with your view of your road, you tend to adjust the angles of your lights. A voice command to do this will keep your focus on the road and your hands on the wheel.

  1. Smart Phone Integration

A voice command to make calls and send messages for you while you are driving. When you have an important call to make or are stuck in traffic and want to notify people at work, you can either ask your car to make the call for you like you ask your phone or dictate a message to be sent to the specific number.

  1. Navigation

A voice command to take your destination. The routes stored into your system can be accessed by these commands, like going to work, home or some regular spot, rather than you manually searching for or selecting the route every time.…

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Top Ways Technology Is Making Fast Food Even Faster

Earlier day’s people had to wait for quite a bit of time to get their food served at the table in many restaurants. But now with technological advancements, the food gets cooked within minutes and is served to you piping hot. People don’t have the time or the patience to wait for their food to be cooked and served. All are in a hurry. As fast food has become quite popular, many people have entered the food industry and the competition has become immense. In order to survive in the market, many sites are offering different coupons and discounts for buying food from them. Customers could easily get these coupons that are available at

Ways technology has helped the restaurants

There are various equipments that could be installed in the kitchen which assists the chef in cooking. For instance, there is equipment which reminds the cook about the time left for a dish to be taken out of the oven. This equipment monitors the cooking progress and does not let the chef waste a single minute of time.  The equipment can maintain the same temperature throughout the cooking process too which helps in cooking tastier food without any stress.

The technology helps in keeping the perishable foods in safe conditions and it alerts the workers whenever the foods near the expiration date. Also, there are inventory tracking software’s which assists the food workers to place the orders automatically as soon as the food supplies drop.

The food delivery systems as also become very much efficient. One can easily book their orders through the app in phones and the food gets delivered immediately to their house. They even have the choice to book from numerous options and all these options can be viewed in the single app.

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How Smart Tech Can Help Hotels Ward Off Bed Bugs

The technological development has been quite helpful in all sectors like banking, food industry, hotels, manufacturing and so on. It has been quite helpful in making life easier for everyone and also plays a very important role in providing quality life to people.

In the hotel industry, the smart tech has been responsible for improving the quality of service offered to their customers.  One of the worst problems faced by the hotel industry is the problem of bed bugs. As many people from different areas visit the hotels, the chances of increase in bed bug problems keep increasing and nothing much you can do to prevent. The bedbugs are such a nuisance and it spreads quite quickly. If a guest gets bitten by the bugs in the hotel its creates a bad publicity for the hotel as through word of mouth, the news spreads fast about the bugs in the particular hotel.  Hence it is very much critical that hotel should address the problem of bed bugs seriously.

To keep a check of the bed bug problem, the hotels need to religiously use the service of pest control companies to exterminate the bugs. One can check out the bedbug companies glasgow to find out more about the services offered by these companies. Regular extermination service from these companies will help a great deal in keeping a check on them.

Thanks to smart tech, now the new device has been introduced into the market which can be fitted to the bed legs. These devices are used as bed bug detection. This automated safety system will alert the staff about the big issue before it gets spread. Also, it can even capture the lingering bugs near to the device. Once the staff is alerted they can take immediate action to secure the room and clear out the bugs before it spreads to other rooms.

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Fun Ways to Entertain and Educate Children Without Technology

DIY science projects:  There are a lot of innovative crafts and do-it-yourself science projects available for sale.  They contain the instructions clearly mentioned on the package.  Following these steps, one can assist the child to do these tasks which are interesting.

Reading habit:  A book serves more than a friend.  Hence cultivate reading habit in children by taking them to the library.  This will widen the knowledge and make them pass their time without the need for parent monitoring the child.

Activities indoor:  Music destresses children.  Also, it can provide them a livelihood when they grow up.  Musical instruments and toys provide good entertainment to kids and it is an easy way to manage the kids to remain indoors.  A wide range of these is available in StarWalkKids.

Performing arts:  Train them in dance.   It serves as a good exercise.  Make them read a play and enact it.  This will improve their vocabulary.  Performing arts will make them oriented towards positive thinking and harmless activities.  These serve as an excellent solution for streamlining the habits of hyperactive and naughty kids.

Gardening:  Involving kids in gardening activities will improve their concern for the environment and nature.  It is an excellent physical activity.

Painting:  Encourage the kids to play with colors.  Painting is a very good form of expressing their thoughts, dreams, and desires.  It helps in the development of finger co-ordination so that their writing skills will become excellent.  Also, painting helps creative ideas to bloom in the child’s mind.

Trekking:  Take the kids for a short trek to a nearby hill.  Trekking develops muscular power.  With trekking, kids learn to manage unexpected situations prudently.  Trekking is a brilliant way for observing hillside vegetation.

All the above activities ensure that your kids do not indulge lazily in front of a gadget and use technology as an excuse to be lethargic.

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5 Tipps für einen erfolgreichen YouTube Channel

YouTube-Aufnahmen zu erstellen kann eine Menge Unterhaltung sein, aber es gibt viel, um einen fruchtbaren und florierenden Video-Blog-Kanal zu erhalten, als einfach nur das Erstellen und Aufstellen von Aufnahmen.

Damit Sie diese Leistung wahrnehmen können, gibt es hier fünf Tipps für Ihre YouTube-Channel-Bemühungen.

Machen Sie einzigartige Videos, falls Sie keine YouTube-Aufnahmen mit einer marginal außergewöhnlichen und faszinierenden Kante machen und Sie wirklich als unverwechselbar schaffen, werden Sie nicht aus dem hervorgehen, was die Beobachter gewohnt sind, auf YouTube zu sehen.

Begreifen, dass es Zeit braucht, um zu wachsen

Die Pflege eines YouTube-Kanals ähnelt deutlich dem laufen eines langstreckenrennens. Sie würden es vorziehen, nicht zu früh auszutragen, also denken Sie an ihre langen und kurzfristigen Ziele und nähern Sie sich Ihr langsam und vorsichtig an. Mit vorhersehbarer Beharrlichkeit werden Sie dort ankommen, aber es wird nicht sofort auftreten und Sie können mehr Infos hier erhalten.

Haben Sie einen Vlogging-Plan von Anfang an

Um eine anständige Vereinbarung zu treffen, beginnen Sie mit der Festlegung ihrer Ziele für Ihren Kanal. An diesem Punkt überlegen Sie, was Sie tun müssen, um diese Ziele zu erreichen und beginnen, solide Schritte, die Sie machen können, um Ihr Ziel zu erreichen. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie Ihre Ergebnisse überwachen, um wahrzunehmen, was gut läuft und was eine bestimmte Anpassung erfordert.

Sprechen Sie mit den Zuschauern, desto mehr sind Sie in Diskussionen mit den Anhängern involviert, desto mehr werden Sie in der Regel mit Ihrem Kanal und sich selbst in Verbindung gebracht werden. Dies wird dazu beitragen, eine Menge von Abonnenten und Ansichten sowie Aktien, die bei der Entwicklung Ihres Kanals helfen können, zu bringen.

Seien Sie schließlich, zögern Sie nie, ihrer Identität eine Chance zu geben, in ihren Aufnahmen zu funkeln. Die Anzeige Ihres wahren selbst-bietet den Watcher etwas zu identifizieren, und es gibt Ihnen die Chance, mehr mit Ihnen vertraut zu werden. Darüber hinaus ist es wesentlich amüsanter, Aufnahmen mit Identität und mit ihren Wahrnehmungen zu machen, als sich von dem zu distanzieren, was Sie erschaffen.

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