The Ultimate Trading Technologies and Strategies

You have been hearing about trading online and itching to begin it yourself?

Only that you have a problem!

You may be sound in your financial knowledge but you have no background in technology or you may be a tech-savvy but finance threatens you! Either way, you are stuck. We understand that and that is precisely why we have striven to bring together this particular capsule of learning titled the ultimate trading technologies and strategies.

We will give you a gist of what it is here but the tutorial will be in webinar format which interested candidates have to register for. The candidate will be given the date of the webinar along with a valid key that will enable them to attend the course virtually.

For more information on the course and the syllabus that we intend covering have a look here.

Summary of the course:

Today, trading has become the buzzword. Thanks in great part to technology that has revolutionized several institutions including finance and banking, today, a person can sit in the comfort of his living room and still trade. And what is more, he can do it 24/7/365.

The online markets never sleep:

So, why you should you stop aspiring?

If trading is what your heart is in, there are so many ways that you can make your dreams into a reality.

Cryptocurrencies are the best bet:

If you were to ask us to name one strategy that has not just improved lives of thousands but made sure that it has not just remained a buzzword then it has to be trading in cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin and a host of other crypto money that will add value to your investment portfolio.

The opportunities are vast!

You could save them, horde them, trade them or exchange them but the way the value is spiraling one thing that you can be very sure of and that is they are the best bet that you can take. Be careful to only invest an affordable sum because like all speculative markets this one is also subject to heavy risk. But what is trading without risks eh?!

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The Relationship Between Technology & In-Home Comfort

If at all we are experiencing any bit of comfort at our homes, then no doubt, we need to thank someone else apart from God for all the blessings in disguise and this is none other than technology itself. Technology has simplified things in all walks of life. Right from the moment, we wake up until the time we lay our heads to rest, technology has been hand holding us to ensure that we always forever feel at home.

Here is a look into how technology has made our in-home experiences a lot comfortable.

  • Turning knobs, controlling temperature using a remote, and setting to auto mode are all outdated now. With programmable thermostats, your job has been minimized where these learn to remember the previous setting based on your program.
  • Additionally, with Wi-Fi enabled systems, you can now control the working of your electrical gadgets from any corner of the world.
  • Today, even air conditioning today has evolved with movement sensors and thermal sensors. While the former works with help of sensors that are built into aluminum rods that detect motion, the latter operates with the help of solar energy and natural gas.
  • Sensors are playing a great role in making homes cozy. Based on estimating the size of the room and identifying the different hot/cold regions in the house, sensors are able to create a perfect environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Apart from home heating and cooling, another important thing that makes life living like a breeze is the use of cleaner air systems. We escape from the polluted external environment and run back to our homes with the hope of better air quality. Hence, if not for cleaner air solutions, it would not be home sweet home.

Therefore, if you have decided to make your homes more comfortable and safe, then you should definitely check out Gelaender aus Edelstahl for other range of home products.

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How Is Technology Impacting the Finance and Banking Sector

Technology has overridden our lives like never before and not only in the field of aero science, medicine but also in finance and the banking sector. Fintech has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted in the current times. Those who want to stay ahead of the times have adopted technology in finance wholeheartedly but it is not all rosy. Here is how the biggest impact of technology is feeling in this sector.

The disappearance of human customer service personnel: The customer service is the backbone of a good business and hence banks and institutes employed and trained their staff to add value but with fintech taking over things are not the same anymore. Nowadays you get to interact with a chatbot that is interactive and intuitive and smart. As a result, the need for a human representative has disappeared.

Physical banking a thing of the past: What was once a major part of one’s weekly or monthly routine of going to a brick and mortar building and interacting with other humans is also disappearing slowly. Now people can bank anytime from anywhere without even a thought from their handheld devices. It has become extremely simple to transfer and receive money without an effort or the bank knowing who their customers are.

Fraud detection easier: Previously staff was trained to identify fraud and investigate it but with artificial intelligence taking over every aspect of finance, fraud detection is ahead of its times. These machines are capable of tracing the history and detecting a pattern in no time at all.

Thus, we see that with technology the number of human interactions in the industry has come down. Organizations are relying on machines which are prone to fewer mistakes and economically more viable. The biggest concern at this point is that due to technology it is hard to know a person on a physical level and hence to judge their true nature. Therefore, there is an emergence of the video identification business to overcome this drawback in an otherwise promising future to the finance world.

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Top 10 Tech-Savvy Fashion Designers to Watch

Fashion has today started taking a new dimension thanks to the penetration of technology. Right from the stage of designing fashion to the stage of manufacturing and distributing it, there are plenty of ways in which the processes have transformed due to technology. You can find gucci wallet cheap sitting at home thanks to e-commerce. Among the many fashion designers who are popular around the world, here are the most tech-savvy designers who have grabbed eyeballs recently with their unique designs.

  1. Burberry

This luxury brand uses AI or artificial intelligence in its sales process.

  1. Vega Wang

Vega Zaishi Wang is the designer who caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts with the stunning electroluminescent fashion collection.

  1. Iris Van Herpen

3D printing is a popular topic but Iris Van Herpen took this to the next level with the 3D printed components for the dresses.

  1. Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee is famous for the revolutionary concept of BioCouture where eco-friendly clothes are made with microbial cellulose.

  1. Siddhartha Upadhyaya

Another designer who embraces eco-friendly clothing range, his collection uses Direct Printing on Loom to reduce the use of chemicals and also cut down fabric wastage.

  1. Ying Gao

The most popular designs from this designer consist of the dresses that respond to sounds in the ambiance.

  1. Nien Lam and Sue Ngo

The most noticeable contribution from this design label is the range of t-shirts that detect pollution. Higher carbon monoxide levels result in a change in the color of the t-shirts.

  1. CuteCircuit

This is a name that is popular in the field of interactive fashion. The garments react to the wearer’s movements as there is wearable technology integrated into fashion.

  1. Diane Von Furstenberg

When you think of wearable technology, say Google Glass, you do not have to always have something looking bulky. DVF gave a fashionable makeover to Google Glass with the Made for Glass range.

  1. Andrew Schneider

This designer adds solar power to bikinis to allow you to charge your phone when you are out on a sunny day.…

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7 Ways Social Media Changed the Way We Communicate

The world has started to appear really small as communication and information has started to travel way faster than before. The main reason behind this change is the existence and dominating usage of social media platforms all across the globe. People are become highly obsessed with social media and have started to use it as a reliable medium to reach out to individuals and team placed in different corners of the world.

There was a time when social media was not as dominant. At that time, we were more relying on person-to-person interaction. There were telephones which had frequent breaking signals and letters were written, which reached the received days later. By that time, the information passed used to become stale.  Today, the era is very instant. You have information in one hand and it is passed on to another person in a couple of seconds. All thanks to social media sites.

This proves that the Internet and social media has played a prominent role in drastically changing the way people communicate with each other.

How social media has transformed communication

Here are some of the most important instances that prove social media has changed the path and speed of communication-

  • Social media has made us realize the need to communicate information in time and effectively. It has generated a sense of urgency in our minds.

  • It gives us a chance to get information regarding foreign places. People visiting different locations share their pictures and videos online and we view them to learn how beautiful the area and their culture are.

  • Instead of showing just the highlights, people share their complete stories. This gives us a better insight.

  • Digital messages have become more personal by adding interesting touches and filters to it.

  • Social media has also fortified the base of journalism and people reporting from one corner of the world get to disseminate the news to another part of the world quite smoothly and quickly.

  • The live broadcast is a huge boon offered by social media, making communication instant.

  • Social media helps us connect with our favorite movie stars, politicians and more. This gives us to learn about their latest moves and messages passed.

Not only this, but social media has also made our personal lives more active and thrilling. You can explore how a sex swing can shake up your sex life at here and find out a suitable partner on social media for an enhanced sexual life.…

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7 Primitive Technology That Is Still Used Today

Lazing around the cool breeze off the beach, an island that is not crowded, but serene and pristine scenic beauty, in a wooden hammock, is cool, it gives the feel of the primitive means of living life on a coastline. With a lot of humdrum on how the climatic conditions are alarmingly changing because of our very own misuse of the environment, we are consciously trying to revive the ancient habitation. Producing natural materials using the age-old technology has caught the attention of many, as they are less in leaving a carbon footprint that is damaging the natural resources.

  • making a canoe with the primitive way of using stone tools and fire to carve out the best and sturdy canoe that will never have any cracks, but stays adrift
  • using the sharp stones, and making arrowheads, spears, that have been around since mankind evolved are still made, flint knapping is a primitive art, to use the sharp metal objects to hunt still used by a handful of tribes
  • the thatched hut, that is both ancient and still a cool option for the sunny days are still a famous spot to take rest, made using natural hay, straw, both soft and comfortable
  • using the earthen pots dates back to history, we still use it to fool cool refreshing water, with herbs thrown into the pots, made using the earthen wheel, primitive yet classy
  • carpentry tools like the saw that is still used for making fine woodworks can be checked out at for a smooth cut in the wooden pieces for making furniture
  • cooking utensils made of wood, mud was a great way of retaining the rawness in the food and giving it a smoky flavor, rice cooked in the mud pots are retains the flavor and the starch that was essential in the food
  • Using the mature abundant banana leaves in mud stoves to cook fish is very popular and a complete dish intact with all the better if the fish.

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