How Technology Has Changed The Drone Industry

Technology is indeed changing the drone industry. Check out dudewhereismydrone to know more.

Dronesswarms are a revolution in this industry and will change the way the data gets captured on a large scale. The drone swarm is basically more than two drones that act in tandem and under the control of the single ground station.

This is the way that flocks of birds fly in a swarm and then change direction instantaneously based on what the other birds in the system are doing. This is how the drone swarm would be functioning. With the artificial intelligence, it will make the tasks to get completed fast.

Swarm technology lets the task to go one even if a particular unit is not functioning properly. Also swam technology is being used in the modern methods of warfare. Drones are being used in the military. The drones move fast and are very small to be shot and thus can collect information easily.

The swarm moves like bees. This technology may even find use in agriculture in the years to come.


It could take a lifetime for a single drone to spray afield. The drone is being used in precision agriculture in order to micromanage the field. The data collected from the drone is being used to make decisions as to what chemical do the field need. And that is done precisely.

Drones would soon take control of spraying crops as well and there will be drone swarms that will be taking over the complete responsibility. This will be like a honey bee hive buzzing and getting the work done.


Drones are finding a lot of use in technology be it defense or disaster relief or even in conservation. Technology is giving a completely new angle to drones. There are many other fields where drones have penetrated and still to penetrate.…

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